Introduction Of Harris Khan Founder Of "Code With Harry"

Introduction Of Code With Harry


Hi all here I am going to introduce one of the best coding coaches for learning the latest and trending technology all the time for free.

Here we are talking about the youtube channel code with harry that has more than 1M subscribers and has great content and this is in Hindi language.

If you are a beginner then this channel is best for you to learn the code.

The owner of this channel has great coding knowledge and excellent teaching technique that anyone can easily understand and implement the things.

As is already said that the channel contains the latest and trending technology videos that teach you the best and optimized way of learning the skills.

Topics covered on this channel

  1. Python
  2. Java
  3. Data Structures and Algorithms
  4. PHP Tutorials
  5. C++ Tutorials
  6. Web Development Tutorials For Beginners In Hindi: HTML, CSS, JavaScript & More
  7. Complete Git Tutorials For Beginners
  8. Android Development Tutorials
  9. JavaScript Tutorials
  10. Python Django & many more. 

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There are so many other great videos (with projects) that are covered apart from the above-listed topics

Well, he has his official site as well where he organized his all content with source code.

He is doing a great job for us for absolutely free. If you go outside learning new skills, people will charge you thousands and thousands of rupees for teaching a single skill. If you have gone through his official website you will find that he is teaching so many skills with absolutely zero cost.

Content Quality

The Quality of the content is great and almost covered all the topics related to technology. It might be possible that you don’t find some topics related to technology but the way he teaches things you’ll surely be able to do it by referring to the documentation and other resources.

The video quality is awesome and the voice is pretty clear. He also gives real-life examples to explain the particular topic most simply.

You’ll enjoy watching his videos and get the benefit out of it.
Why code with harry?

This question must be coming to your mind: why should we refer to this channel as other good channels are available on youtube?

For specific topics, there are videos on youtube for sure but here, he has made a complete tutorial on the majority of the topics that you rarely find on youtube.


Code with harry is a YouTube Channel in hindi where you can learn the latest and trending technology for free and develop a great sense of ideas on how to write the code and optimize it. 

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