The Apollo 11 Moon Landing Conspiracy

Apollo 11 Conspiracy Theory

Sure, you could believe what people tell you.

Or you could assume that the moon landing was all a stunt pulled off by famous director Stanley Kubrick, who created technology that helped it look like the man was pioneering space, according to some conspiracy theorists, who said it was filmed in Area 51 in Nevada.

The fact that there were no stars in the background of pictures of the moon landing supports theories, in the minds of some, that it never really happened.

And so does the flag — it looks like it’s flapping in the wind! To some, that was an oversight made by Hollywood producers who forgot there wouldn’t be any wind blowing on the lunar surface.

Trust in government was at a peak of 77% in October 1964, according to Pew Research, which has been studying the public’s trust in government since 1958.

In October 1968, the year before the moon landing, the average public trust in government dipped to 62%, and the year after the landing, in December 1970, it decreased further to 54%.guy

NASA made an effort to beat back the growing conspiracy theories by releasing a fact sheet in June 1977 titled “Did U.S. Astronauts Land on the Moon?” The first line of the release answered it succinctly: “Yes. Astronauts did land on the Moon.”

From time to time we are asked the question above as a result of at least one book and recurring articles in various publications based either on its content or individuals’ expressions of their opinions. 

Apart from the fact that millions of people saw the Apollo series on television and heard them on the radio in real-time, perhaps the lunar material is as irrefutable proof as any that the Moon missions were not faked, the NASA release states. Lunar material refers to any rocks taken from the moon.

Sean Potter, a NASA media relations specialist, responded to ABC News’ inquiry by running through another list of evidence disputing conspiracy claims.

“When people question or have questions about the Apollo landings, we invite them to examine the evidence for themselves: 842 pounds of astronaut-collected Moon rocks studied by scientists worldwide for decades. 

You can still bounce Earth-based lasers off the retro-reflector mirrors placed on the lunar surface by the Apollo astronauts. NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter imaged the landing sites in 2011. 

An estimated 400,000+ people worked on the Moon landings, meaning a lot of eyes were watching this take place from inside the NASA community, and all the Apollo missions were independently tracked by the United States’ chief adversary during the Cold War, the Soviet Union, who would not have sent NASA a letter of congratulations if the landings never happened,” Potter told ABC News.

"Despite all this evidence, when conspiracy theorists still doubt the authenticity of the Moon landings, they probably also should ask why they question the landings in the first place,” Potter said.

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